Having worked in the game and web industries I have had to adapt quickly to changing technology landscapes. As a result, I have been exposed to a diverse set of technologies and practices giving me a well rounded skill set. Through my experience I have become very comfortable solving problems on both the client and server, leveraging technologies in which I am proficient, as well as those that are new to me.

My innate creative and technical aptitudes guide me in thinking beyond what is in front of me. This kind of mentality has given me the courage to challenge, experiment, and explore the unconventional. I am a visionary who is always questioning the status quo while keeping a steady gaze on the steps that come next.

The passion to create and experiment has remained with me throughout my professional career and has instilled an inquisitive and exploratory philosophy to my work. With the ability to comprehend complex concepts quickly and a passion to experiment, I have acquired skills in numerous programming languages and platforms that has contributed to my growth as an exceptional problem solver and an effective team player.