Purejs is a JavaScript API for constructors, mixins and type testing.


Statejs is an event-driven finite state machine implmentation for JavaScript based on the article by Eric Dybsand in Best of Game Programming Gems.


gcsdkext is a project that contains several extensions, bug fixes and useful classes for the Game Closure SDK.


Constructor-Kit is a simple, convenient and backward compatible constructor creation API for JavaScript.


Property-Kit is a simple, convenient and ECMAScript 3 compliant property construction API for JavaScript.


Protocol-Kit is a simple, convenient and ECMAScript 3 compliant protocol testing API for JavaScript.



iOS Resource Limits

Recently I ran into an issue when attempting to display a very large GIF image on an iPad 3.

jQuery Validate File Fields Quirkiness

jQuery validate is a great plugin to help with form validation, however if your form uses file fields you may have found a quirky little "feature" that causes the file fields not to re-validate when the field changes

Sharing Variables with Jade Templates

Sharing variables with Jade templates can be baffling at first. If you're coming form a Jekyll background you would expect that variables are available automatically in the template as well as the layout, but this is not the case